Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tips for optimizing images for website

In this article i am going to give you a few tips about optimizing images for website. A website unlike print medium does not requires very heavy images as heavy images take lot of time to load. So it is advisable to keep the image size small. By keeping the image size small it doesn't means that you have to reduce width and height of image too much in pixels. For example if you have to put an image on website which is 600 x 400 pixels you do not have to reduce the size to 300 x 200 or something less than that. You just need to reduce the size in Kilobytes. If the image is 500kbs you can easily reduce it 100Kbs for a website by using any photo editing software like photshop. In photoshop just open the required image and go to file save for web option. Here you can see adjust the size of image in kbs by using the slider. Once you choose the desired size save the picture in your pc and upload to your website.

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